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What Is an Autonomous Delivery Robot? by Saddam Sir

Saddam Sir

Thu, 13 Jun 2024

What Is an Autonomous Delivery Robot? by Saddam Sir

Autonomous Delivery Robot: The face of the traditional market has changed drastically. Can you believe that a machine can be so intelligent that it can deliver independently to your door step without human intervention? Isn't it better to get the things you want at your doorsteps? As the market is shifting from a traditional market to an online market, the E-commerce business grows exponentially.

Every year the E-commerce sector in the USA has a 16% growth rate. In this E-commerce business, the "delivery system" plays the most curtail role. Making an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective delivery system has become the necessity of E-commerce business. On the other hand, a specific nation like the USA has developed a more innovative delivery system through 'Autonomous Delivery Robots.'  

  • But is it even possible that a machine does delivery?
  • Why is such a type of machine required?
  • Who creates such kind of machine?
  • Isn't it strange how a machine has so much intelligence?

An autonomous delivery robot is a machine that can perform a task without any human intervention based on predefined instruction and information, along with advanced technology like robotics, machine learning, information engineering, etc.

The first autonomous pizza delivery vehicle called 'DRU' was made as claimed by Domino's in 2016. During the same year, starship technology made a 40-pound delivery robot in London. In April 2017, a marble company based in San Francisco, yelp & eat24, made an autonomous delivery robot.
Size, weight, and speed limit:

The size, weight, and speed limit differs in different places according to the geology &location. In Washington DC and Florida, the weight limits are 50 pounds, where else in Texas & Austin, the limit is 300 pounds. However, the speed limit is the same at every location, i.e., ten mph.

The technology used in automated delivery robot: This robot's primary purpose is to perform the task independently in any environment. It can automatically function, sense, and gain information from the environment, work independently without human assistance for an extended period, move either all or some parts of itself without human assistance, avoid the harmful situation for people, property, and itself.

The technologies are: 

Robotics: robotics is used to make the mechanical arrangement of this robot so it can move its parts. The goal of robotics is to design, construct, and operate an intelligent device with information engineering, electrical, mechanical computer, and other engineering.

GPS tracking: to deliver various items from vendor to the right customers, navigation becomes an essential part. GPS navigates using trilateration. This technology helps the GPS device to receive signals from 3 satellites to find the device's geographical location.

Automation: Autonomous delivery robot works without human intervention, so it needs to suit the changes in its routes by sensing certain environmental changes for proper delivery without any difficulty.

Sensory technology like camera, laser, radar, sonar, touch, infrared are used in this robot.
Technology like accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and compass, temperature are used to check the robot itself.
A fully automated robot is synchronized with computer algorithm & hardware technology. 

How does an autonomous robot works:

Aren't you surprise to see an autonomous robot moving in the sideways driveways, crossing obstacles like human, animal, vehicles to deliver itself. 
How do they do so? They are trained to collect the data from the environment, store it in its memory and understand its route. Let's discuss them:
Navigation: the Google Map is not convenient for the autonomous delivery robot, so a new 2D map with the sideways, driveways, etc., with different colors in the map, should be prepared. And it should be the shortest and safest road for delivery.    

Data collection: the autonomous delivery robot is taken into the trail to travel through its delivery route before it even starts delivering. The 2D map data fed is converted to a 3D map after collecting the data through its trial period. It learns to handle small to medium changes in the environment. The more it passes its delivery routes, the more data it collects. However, the more significant changes in the environment should be updated manually for proper functioning.

Some recent technologies such as machine learning, AI, etc., have come up to meet the challenges that autonomous robots face due to unexpected environmental changes. These make the robot more automated and human-friendly and make it more intelligent to do proper delivery. And we hope that autonomous robots will be more advance in the upcoming years to make the delivery system cost-effective and spread worldwide. 

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