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How to make money with LinkedIn?

Saddam Sir

Thu, 13 Jun 2024

How to make money with LinkedIn?

How do you make money with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the standard social network when it comes to the professional world. On LinkedIn, several million users travel every day and share content about their activities. There are business leaders, employees, freelancers, job seekers, employees, students, artists, etc. The world of work is a representation of the entire social spectrum, and LinkedIn is too and focuses on many areas of competency, goals, and men and women looking for something or offering their services.

1. Make money with LinkedIn by building a fan base:

LinkedIn is packed with features and elements that allow you to create an audience, an audience, and attract target customers, as long as you know how to use them and how to use appropriate social network marketing strategies.

If you are an expert in your field, mastering internal marketing and social selling strategies is a tried and effective base for promoting your services and building qualified clients. Selling your solution, your service, and your skills to help those who need them reach their goal on LinkedIn, that's what I do every day. For me, this is the best way to make money from LinkedIn, by adding value and piecing together my area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise around a community.

With marketing strategies adapted to the LinkedIn social network, you will be able to attract and communicate with your target customers about your news, products, services, etc., thus converting your visitors into qualified leads and then as customer ambassadors for your brand. LinkedIn is the perfect way to promote yourself.

LinkedIn can also help you build the loyalty of your existing customers, who will not only return to you in case of need, but will also be your most effective advertising. Speaking of you in its network, a satisfied customer with whom you have a sustainable and qualitative relationship will sooner or later provide you with business opportunities. On LinkedIn, if people react by talking about you and the quality of your services, the viral impact will be immediate.

Be very active on LinkedIn for this strategy to pay off, and even grow new ones! The more tangible actions you create, rich in interaction with members of the social network, the more your LinkedIn profile and thus your brand image will be highlighted by LinkedIn, which will position your posts through its algorithm on top of the gondola.

Strengthening your skills and specializations while respecting the codes and habits of the social network LinkedIn is the principle of inbound marketing. You will generate leads with LinkedIn and convert them into qualified leads and then into customers simply by providing high value-added content through your LinkedIn presence.

Make LinkedIn a meeting point for your audience and consistently provide high-quality content so that your actions on the social network earn money by direct conversion in your turnover!

2. Make money with LinkedIn through an affiliate company:

It is very fashionable lately, I have already heard about affiliation. But what exactly is it?

The concept of belonging is very simple. The idea is to promote the products of a commercial site, a third party, or a seller to issue links and a call to action to direct Internet users to the sales platform. For every sale made through the links you broadcast, the merchant site pays you a commission. Each link is tracked and contains a code that lets the merchant know who you are, and not any other affiliate, that triggered the sale.

Invented and famous by the giant Amazon, which has seen a huge rise in the number of sellers thanks to it, Affiliation has known a meteoric boom in recent years. This is explained by the high power of social networks, the real generators of opportunities and the openness of trade. LinkedIn is one of those social networks that allow you to earn money this way.

To do affiliation, you must register on the platform that collects affiliate programs. Choose one (or more) products that interest you, get the links that lead to the merchant's site and start publishing them on the web, choosing a method of distribution well. As is the case everywhere when it comes to business strategy, it is essential to act in a smart and logical manner to not waste time unnecessarily and to work efficiently.

The goal is to promote products that have a tangible connection to your field of professional activity, or who you admire and about whom you know how to encourage Internet users to click and buy. Affiliate links can be a hit, with strong, quality content.

In terms of pay, there are several scenarios. In principle, you earn a commission for every sale made through your links. This is the most common method. Otherwise, you may be paid "per click". The more people click on your links, the more money you get. This method is popular with advertisers whose visits to the site are very important to the business. Then, you can be paid according to the actions of the Internet users via your affiliate links. If they sign up for a newsletter, take a survey, fill out a form, etc., you get paid. In short, by affiliating with a merchant's site, we can consider that you are like their merchant site. You can highlight them, potential clients and even clients.

You can do just about anything to earn money with LinkedIn to actually achieve affiliate links. Be careful, in order to have credibility and be truly profitable, you need to choose affiliate products that match the world of your network, your niche if you have one, and the state of the market. Know your network's needs so you can deliver products that meet their expectations. Once you choose your product(s), and collect your links, you just have to take action and use LinkedIn to make money.

Write high quality, relevant articles, then publish affiliate links by getting your readers to click on them. Prepare your strategy: The time invested will be good. In fact, it will do you no good to post links to all the crossroads of the LinkedIn interface if there is no explanation to properly route your network.

3. Make money with LinkedIn by betting on video:

The video format is widespread on the network, I definitely tested it. Fashion is for short videos, lasting a few minutes, that show the products in use. You can sell your own or others' products for a commission in this type of video. The chances of reaching a large number of people are increased through video format.

Videos can be easily shared after watching them, which is the most popular form of internet users and LinkedIn algorithm! Spark their curiosity by interacting in front of the camera to promote your products... without forgetting to bring them value! The great advantage of the web and social networks lies in the non-physical aspect of the selling method. Have you written an e-book and want to sell it? Promote it, post the video on LinkedIn, and let your future customers order while sitting quietly on their couch. Today, shopping has never been so easy and convenient without having to leave your home. Take advantage of this great opportunity to create interesting videos and allow your visitors and your network to benefit from relevant offers.

With video, you can be creative and unleash your inspiration. Mix the pleasures and seize the opportunity to benefit from many of your skills! If you speak a foreign language, translate your words as subtitles, thus expanding your gathering area by eliminating language and geographic barriers. The magic of the web is there: the whole world at your fingertips. The formula may be very paranoid, but the idea is very concrete. By using video, and promoting your skills, your chances of seeing your sales grow increase.

4. Make money with LinkedIn by finding a job:

On the Proinfluent blog, I talk a lot to freelancers, salespeople, and business leaders. But the salaried activity is also on LinkedIn. Moreover, testimonials of people who have found work through this social network are not rare.

First and foremost, LinkedIn is a great search engine for finding a job! There are many job offers and your chances of finding a job that meets your needs are very high. Be warned, this does not mean that the job will fall into your hands in five minutes... You will have to put in some effort to earn money by getting your dream job with LinkedIn. It starts with developing the perfect LinkedIn profile.

If the paper version of a resume has to be fairly concise and to the point, with LinkedIn everything changes! Customize your experiences, publish content, place photos, and be more creative and productive, thanks to the virtualization and interface of your LinkedIn account.

There are many job offers available on the LinkedIn platform, and you know that many recruiters are constantly looking for new talent to increase their company's workforce and further develop. Whether you want to find a full-time or part-time job to supplement your freelance income, make money thanks to LinkedIn by finding a salaried job, here's an idea that flows naturally!

5. Make money with LinkedIn by becoming a business provider:

LinkedIn is a social network. The important thing here is the word "network". As you know, in the world of business, the network is a powerful lever, a proven core asset. With LinkedIn, use this virtual word of mouth of unparalleled power to monetize your network by staying on top of all opportunities. The goal is to connect as many people as possible so they can establish business partnerships, and in exchange for your initial contact they pay you a percentage of the deals.

To do this, you need to be on constant watch, intelligently inform yourself of the activity of your existing network and strive to expand it without getting caught up in the frantic addition of all the people that appear in your news feed or in your suggestions. Your relationships need to be relevant, responsive to each other, and have general consistency in order for your network to work on its own. There is no point in having hundreds of contacts if none of them resonates with the others. By connecting decision makers with each other, you can definitely make money on LinkedIn.

As you've seen, LinkedIn is a strong business pool. Open to the whole world, bringing together all professions and all areas of expertise in the world of work, the social network LinkedIn provides you with great opportunities to earn money. You also saw not miraculous methods (otherwise we would have all already applied them) but ideas for effective action. It is up to you to use the method that works best for you!

I personally earn money on LinkedIn to help you advance towards your goal. Thanks to my LinkedIn face-to-face training, my online training, but also thanks to my video social selling training.


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