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How To Make Money On Medium Through Writing?

Saddam Sir

Thu, 13 Jun 2024

How To Make Money On Medium Through Writing?

How to make money on medium through writing?

By Brian Collins:-

Want to learn how to make money on Medium. Here's a breakdown of the real possibilities of making money with the blogging platform, including an interview with a senior editor at Medium.

If you do a quick online search for “how to make money on medium” you will see 2,070,000,000 results pop up. Of course, not all of these pieces of content really answer the question you're asking. You will be drowned out by the experts who claim that it is the second best thing and shows the amazing income.

The phrase "how to make money on medium" appears in articles on how to make money as a side business, and it has appeared in every writer's source out there.

You'll also find plenty of articles telling you that blogging through Medium is a waste of time. These articles claim that the Medium Partner Program does not pay well. They show that only a small percentage of Medium writers make money writing articles on Medium.

What if I told you those two things were true?

About 6.4% of writers on Medium earn more than $100 per month. This is a small percentage and these are full-time writers. They are highlighted on the home page.

These mediocre members boast high quality content and their hard work has paid off with the organization. Successful writers on often write for a medium publication, such as The Startup, and gain subscribers through their stories on Medium.

This only answers the question of how many Medium writers are paid through the Medium Partner Program. What it doesn't tell you is that there are other ways to earn directly through your efforts on Medium.

What Is Medium?

Medium is an online publishing platform. A new writer can start his own blog on Medium to make money online and earn passive income. This makes it attractive to active writers. There are strategies a freelance writer can use to create great content and get more applause to get into the first writer category.

For bloggers, the medium platform ranks well in the search engines because the algorithm favors the platform. So you are more likely to find your audience here than you will on WordPress. One story on Medium will outperform the same piece on your blog or website. has a lot of great content and active writers. The platform is preferred by search engines and its monthly subscription is high. Your stories on Medium are more likely to be read by a wider audience. There are also jobs on Medium. Some publications pay for their writers and all have editors who watch the work before accepting it.

Strategies To Earn On Medium:

There are new writers who earn well on the mediocre podium, but they also put in the time and hard effort. They pay attention to SEO, work on trending topics, pay attention to their metrics, and reap rewards in their bank accounts.

In short, you need to know how to write an essay.

You can earn money. I'll say it again for the writers in the back who don't believe in this. There are countless live accounts for people who are earning monthly through the platform. They do this in several ways.

Partnership Program: This is Medium's payment method. Writers can sign up for the affiliate program and put all of their content behind Medium's paywall. Your articles will earn money based on the amount of time your readers spend on the content. Some articles can earn very well this way. Remember that the platform receives hundreds of thousands of visitors per month.

Ways To Get Curated On Medium:

Simply signing up for an affiliate program isn't usually enough. You also want to get formatted by Medium's editors. Being organized means that the editors have approved your writing and are promoting your work, which brings you more traffic.

Getting care is not as easy as it seems. You need to study the broker's distribution criteria and make sure that you adhere to their guidelines. Placing your work in a publication will help your chances of getting sponsorship.

Coordinated work receives far more views than you can get on your own. More attention to your writing means more profit opportunities. Your acceptance into a publication can also be used as professional publication credit, so it's great for new writers who need clips for their portfolio.

Other Ways To Make Money On Medium:

There are other ways your business can earn on Medium besides an affiliate program
Affiliate program is the most popular way to earn on average. But for professional writers, that may not be enough to sweeten the pot. After all, if you write a post on Medium and it only makes $20 over months, it doesn't seem worth it. You can easily write the same number of words for $100 - $150 in a freelance job.

There are other ways your business can earn on Medium besides an affiliate program. Medium offers you a much larger audience. For writers, this could mean the opportunity to showcase your work to editors, small business owners, and anyone in your service target market.

You can use your articles published on Medium as samples when applying for written work. You can also use the network medium platform. Have space in your resume to include your website link and contact information. Use it the same way you use social media.

You can also use affiliate links on Medium. You need to abide by the Medium rules and the rules of any publication you work for. But affiliate marketing is allowed on Medium and the platform gives you a wide audience, so this can be a profitable way to monetize your business there.

Other Ways Medium Writers Benefit:

You already know that you can make some money from the partnership program. You know that you can use affiliate links and that you have access to a wider audience. But there are also some benefits to you as a writer that you may not easily think of while looking at critical numbers.

Medium gives you a platform to improve your craft. You can, of course, work in isolation and never show your early work to anyone. But that doesn't really help the book get better.

If you study the articles that are doing well for your blog on Medium, you can get a sense of what you do well and where you need to improve. Regular writing also improves your ability to create and use words well. And the community aspect of the platform can help you find other writers to connect with that can help support your growth, and vice versa.

The Final Word On How To Make Money On Medium:

What is the last word for making money on Medium? There are a few things we would like you to take away from this.

  1. You can earn money through their affiliate program.
  2. You can make connections that will lead to paid written work.
  3. You can use the platform's reach to earn through your own business or market yourself.

Medium doesn't pay in the same way it pays direct submissions to magazines or online publishers. But it is a viable and worthwhile platform to grow new followers and build your credibility. With Medium, if you are willing to put in the effort and pay attention to your strategy, you will reap the rewards of work.

Remember, Medium isn't the only place to find a writing job.


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