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How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners Youtube

Saddam Sir

Fri, 14 Jun 2024

How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners Youtube

Is it still possible to make money from YouTube and blogging if you just start today?

It’s undoubtedly doable. Although, I’d say YouTube would be a way higher use of it slow than blogging. For one, individuals would rather watch a video than browse a diary post for the foremost half. To boot, YouTube can permit you to make a stronger bond along with your audience.

That loyalty created over time is quite helpful after you need to any legalize your YouTube channel. If individuals area unit merely reading a diary post, they aren’t seeing your face and your temperament, which can create them terribly probably to depart your diary and né’er come back.

If you actually need to although, you’ll do each. That way, you’ve got each a YouTube channel and an internet site. You’ll use your YouTube channel to direct individuals to your website, wherever they will register for the associate degree email list, obtain a course from you, browse a diary post of yours, etc.

Make money YouTube:

Have a large following on different platforms like Instagram, periscope, tracheophyte (Now defunct). Examples: Lelepons (vine), King Bach(vine), Juan Pazurita (vine), Jake Paul (vine and Disney). Be original! Do not lift content. Do thus after you area unit huge, not once you are beginning out.

Make quality videos. Nobody needs to observe a 360p video of you doing/saying no matter. Have a vigorous community. Quora, Reddit? Take your choice. Be funny. Start with three minutes videos, then grow. Nobody needs to waste their life observing pointless videos. The shorter, the higher.


  1. Be an honest author.
  2. Have helpful content.
  3. Learn the importance of folio.
  4. Use pictures! Not to several.
  5. Join a vigorous community. Twitter, Quora, Reddit…
  6. Be the first!
  7. Don’t lift. It hurts your Google ranking.
  8. Understand SEO.
  9. Read every day.
  10. Learn about AdSense and different ad platforms.

What is the best way for online money making, blogging or YouTube?

Everything has its own execs and cons. During this post, I will be able to share with you what’s an honest platform for earning cash and why.

Let’s initial say YouTube

According to Aherfs, YouTube is that the most visited website on the net. YouTube is obtaining eight,564,946,885/month traffic thus currently you’ll imagine however fashionable YouTube is.


  1. You did not need one penny to start out a YouTube channel. You’ll begin from any place. You simply require an honest camera and quick web for uploading a video.
  2. Approval of AdSense is simple on YouTube as a comparison to blogging
  3. Their area unit numerous strategies to earn cash from YouTube.
  4. Google AdSense
  5. Brand Collaboration
  6. Sponsorship
  7. Selling affiliate merchandise
  8. Sell your own product or services

4. You oughtn’t place additional effort into promotion as a result of individuals' area unit already defrayal an excessive amount of time on YouTube.


If you get an excessive amount of strikes from YouTube your channel could get deleted.
You don’t have your own rights if YouTube finds your video violating their privacy policy your channel could get illegal or your video is also deleted forever.
If you seriously need to earn cash from a diary then begin with a self-hosted WordPress website rather than a free blog spot. Thus all the guidelines that I’m progressing to share with you’re primarily based upon the self-hosted WordPress website.


Starting a flourishing dairy needs downside determination writing skills.
There are unit heaps of strategies to earn cash from blogs like sponsor posts, sell links, affiliate selling, sell your own courses, sell services.

To begin a diary you require a branded name and smart hosting once set up you’ll start your own diary.
You did not rely upon a 3rd party like YouTube. You’ve got your title.


It takes time.
Required Patience
So I simply need to mention why you limit yourself to 1 platform, begin with anyone then begin diversifying your content and earn cash from each platform.

You can earn in half a dozen figures financial gain in each blogging likewise as on youtube however that’s needed a mental attitude treat as a business no matter you may be progressing to begin.

Thanks for reading, I hope this answer resolved your question.

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Is creating a blog site in 2021 a good idea to earn money, or should I go for YouTube?

Blogging Vs YouTube (2021-2022)


Investment-Domain + Hosting [Blogger Free- counseled for Beginner], Theme[Free for beginner]
Reach-3.4 Billion individuals area unit exploitation web.
Money-Per one thousand views regarding|some|roughly|more or less|around|or so} you’ll create about $3
The time needed For Growth- concerning five months


Investment-Camera, or smart camera phone and smart video editor
Reach-2 Billion
Money-Per one thousand views regarding|some|roughly|more or less|around|or so} you’ll create about $1
The time needed For Growth-You will Get Success From first Video If you produce smart and fascinating Content


Both Platforms Have Competition likewise As High Growing chance you simply ought to Be Consistent And Do Your Job keep Content And once someday you may See Growth.


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