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20+ Amazing Free SEO Tools Hacks 2021- By Saddam Sir

Saddam Sir

Thu, 13 Jun 2024

20+ Amazing Free SEO Tools Hacks 2021- By Saddam Sir

20+ Amazing Free SEO Tools Hacks 2021 - Saddam Sir

If you are attempting to discover simple methods to obtain your search engine optimization results higher through free SEO tools, our information overview is absolutely for you. By following our simple recommendations, you will have the ability to acquire insights right into methods to increase your site stats and begin getting even more hits to your site.

When establishing a web page for SEO, take advantage of your website SEO friendly headers. These are the headers that Google AI crawlers find out what niche you select or research your blog article. If you are doing keyword related relevant articles, then Google suggests your website into their search result for audience. I know search engines follow up your header section; otherwise, use the same search phrases in the message of the page. A word in the header isn't sufficient.

To avoid replicating content blocking internet search engines, you must ensure that the internet search engine recognizes exactly new pages. You regularly need to erase the old pages from your web server and make sure that you're only indexing the latest and the most appropriate material.

Location links in crucial areas to ensure they obtain observed. They do not need flashing lights around them or ridiculous bold text. However, it is essential to make sure links get seen. Please put them in places that individuals regularly search for an internet site. You can usually see near the comments, along the sidebar, or beneath headings.

In Search Engine Optimization, make sure to obtain the right keyword phrase density. Use keywords evenly throughout your title, headers, and your posts and in various other locations on the web page that will call your write-up to the focus of search engines. You can add Longtail or short-tail keywords for generating more organic traffic within a short time. Buying Guide provides some excellent free SEO tools for researching relevant niche-related keywords for free and frequently auditing your website.

You can bring in new web traffic to your website by publishing online forums in your picked particular niche. The majority of online forums allow web links in either your signature location or on your account, yet checked out the regulations first. When you talk about the discussion forums, ensure your comments are helpful. Answer concerns, ask relevant concerns, get along, and enjoy.

Pick your web site shades intelligently. Different shades place people right into various states of mind. So if your website's color doesn't match your brand name, after that, you may be developing dissonance in the spirit of your audience. For example, a brand name selling sunscreen would be smart not to choose a substantial, dark-hued background. A lighter color, much more in tune with the outdoors, will place those customers in a better frame of mind.

You need to know if your SEO is working or not. It is necessary to watch your search rankings. Use tools from various online search engines to check your page ranking. Please take a look at your website's referrer to regularly see where visitors are coming from and what terms lead them to your site.

Masking is a strategy where one enhanced website is provided to the internet search engine, and also an entirely different, un-optimized site is offered to consumers. This practice is extremely questionable, and many results in your site being taken into consideration spam. Take great care if this is a roadway you decide to travel down.

Before you set out to maximize your site for search engine performance, understand that SEO is a long-lasting proposition. The focus of your website and your visitors' interests change over time, as do the methods the internet search engine uses to rate web pages. The optimal SEO technique for your website will be different in the future, so you will require to update it over time.

They need to be spread out throughout your whole site, including the title, material, and the URLs, along with the picture names. Think about how someone would set about looking for what you are using or including words you develop on your site.

You need to connect your web site to various other similar websites if you wish to go up the search engine results page. The online search engine prefers web sites attached to multiple other sites and will undoubtedly choose those sites. It can be quickly achieved as well as produce tremendous results that make it worth the initiative.


When you search on YouTube, the website will undoubtedly suggest associated terms that are prominent. Use this as a tool for keyword research! Remember that the keywords you enter, while being positively related to the video, aren't always as popular as the pointers YouTube makes below them.


Choose a keyword expression instead of just keywords. Browse data have verified that virtually 60 percent of internet search engine queries entail two or three search phrases. Try to function keyword phrases into your pages to obtain the best from searches while lowering competition. Some call these expressions longtail vital phrases, and they aid you by bringing extra concentrated viewers to your pages.


One proven method to recognize the most relevant keywords for your website is to buy pay-per-click (Pay Per Click) ads. These advertisements, which are purchased from the online search engine itself, provide an understanding of how specific search phrases generate the most traffic, along with which search phrases might be dragging your site down.


You can enhance your web content by positioning a restriction on the number of outgoing web links that come from the site itself. Even the most significant web page on your site should run out of 40 to 50 outbound web links; your top page should be restricted to just ten outgoing web links. Too many outgoing web links compromises the general honesty of the web page, which can influence site ranking.

Ideally, this information has helped you in getting a much better understanding of ways to improve your search engine optimization strategies and also knowledge using free SEO tools. Go on and begin to place these details to make use of today, to see only how much of a renovation it can make on your site's search engine results.

Let's see which free SEO tools will analyze search performance, monitor SERPs, niche selection, keyword difficulty, and competitor analysis. If you started to rank some keywords on Google and others, find out which keyword is profitable for listing on the particular search engine. That is a crucial part of doing search engine optimization ranking.

Offerify trying to get a piece of knowledge about the world's top 15 free SEO tools for you.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the world's most popular web analytics tool that is the most powerful, flexible, and user-friendly platform compared to other digital marketing analytics tools available in the market. Google analytics monitor your website audience, traffic areas, rankings, and targeted traffic.

Thanks to Google Analytics, we can monitor our visits of our potential customers on our website independently. Google Analytics provides us with our possible clients and even more complete details concerning how we can reach our brand-new customers.

It indicates whether the visitor has shown up by mistake or to examine your internet site. It likewise demonstrates how much time they spent on your web page or item in comprehensive reports. This shows how many visitors want which items you have. So, by moving the most checked out product to the center, you can supply even more indexing of Google Search engines and reach brand-new prospective clients.

Google Search Console

Google search console is previously known as the name Google webmaster tool. It is a free useful tool to analyze a website and finding errors or gives you data on your websites. It's efficient search engine optimization (SEO) or boosts online business services by using a digital marketing platform. We can connect the Google Search console by Google analytic to find traffic, uploading your website file or meta tag, and provide unique user details. We can check website links, sitemap, and website performance and accurately download the complete report of data.

The most crucial part of Search Console is you can get hold full of website report shows link data which Google has on your sites. Offerify recommends starting with one of the features, Search Console, which reports in Google. These are links that Googlebot shows to user crawl Javascript, CSS and image files, and URL errors, with structured and unstructured data reports. Google Search Console

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is relatively simple to a useful tool for reducing page load times, bounce rates, and increased conversion rates designed to optimize website performance. However, we've noticed that many people spend hours obsessing over-optimizing their website projects like agency, 

simple landing pages, e-commerce, blogs, and a lot more. To a website running speed, Insights score desktop or mobile 100/100 on this test.

We know you gain insights into utilizing Google PageSpeed Insights to your ideal advantage and demand. Discover precisely how Google utilizes your website speed rating; you can also use Chrome DevTools Chrome Extention for audits actual web performance for using engine alongside field data. This Extention provides an actual PageSpeed report just for one single click.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager gives you this free tool to streamline the sending user interaction data process of customized tags, conversion tracking, Error-checking, site analytics, remarketing, and much more. GTM will launch programs faster, or save valuable time, track your website user behavior for checking you have any site security features or not.

Google Tag Manager (GTM) maybe measure your advertising ROI and track site data source, and you can test as you go. You can track different types of platform likes to improve website data, mobile application engages data, Multiple videos platform data, and social networking sites. Implementing GTM will undoubtedly take the same amount of initiative as updating to Universal. Still, it will make future upgrades and enhancements much easier since adjustments can be made through GTM and not via each web page of your website.

Google Tag Manager (GTM) can store many variables from a data layer to add dynamic info back into a real-time tag. We particularly like the ability to set up in-depth, even tracking in a matter of minutes, instead of having to wait weeks for its time. Have easy control over all our agency's clients or professionals, often without involving a developer.

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is an essential marketing tool for any local business owner that is more discoverable online and in real-life. Through GMB, you're always going to show up your local businesses information on Google Search and Maps with physical shop locations to manage necessary information, such as your shop name, your phone number, input address, location or opening dates and closing hours (with special holiday opening hours).

If you are using Google My Business, You can engage with existing and potential customers through your digital store, and customers also find the exact opening times in Google Maps. When someone searches on Google, They are showing actual matching local areas business stores for your searchers.

You can select multiple locations for different customers like cafes, shops, bars, agencies, clubs, health, super shops, and merchants. You can choose from the correct business category to provide more accurate information through Google about your local business.

Over ten million people are searching on google or find out for local businesses for every moment, and that searchers find out potential shop information immediately. For this reason, Your sales are increasing and easily represent your product through google shop. GMB is an easy and fabulous way to improve your local SEO with existing/new local customers. So let's start by using Google My Business and BOOMING your search engine result.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools (BWMT) is a free Microsoft service that can be monitor and maintain websites in certain areas or explore SEO Reports with webmasters. Bing is an alternative way of Google showing integrated data for severe or potential traffic to your website. It also helps to monitor site performance; show website ranks for specific keywords they show up using the Bing search engine.

It is easy to set up a website to Bing Webmaster Tools through a proper verification process, monitor your website's overall health and Inbound Links. Webmaster Tools shows top keywords Report you the organic search results you are getting impressions and clicks from.

TODAY Earn $100 in Bing Search Ads With $25 in Microsoft Advertising Credit For FREE.

Moz SEO Tools

Moz is a fantastic leading SEO research tool that helps you achieve Search engine higher rankings. You also have advanced research, quality traffic monitor, keyword exploration, build additional backlinks, and assessable positive results through using Moz free SEO Tools or Moz Pro SEO Tools. The best thing about Moz Pro is a super powerful website audit tool that points out On-page optimization related potential issues also doing search engine crawling may have with your site. Moz is a user-friendly platform to use, or processes are elementary to follow up.

You can track your website's SERP rankings and the rankings of targeted keyword competitors. Moz focuses on search engine optimization (SEO) to boost your search engine ranking use to attract traffic to their website.

Moz provides some free features, including keyword explore, site explorer, or SEO Audit. You can easily use the "Moz Bar" Google chrome extension that gives you automatic search engine results when you can access any website through Google Chrome. Get 30 Day Free Trial of Moz Pro


Ubersuggest is a free keyword idea generation tool that helps you to optimize content ideas for blogs. This fantastic free tool recently acquired by Neil Patel is also one of the world's top-rated Digital Marketer experts. All Ubersuggest was consistently restricting the actual amount of data collected through Google Keyword Planner and Google Search Engine Suggestion.

Suppose someone finds out mostly on free keyword research tools. In that case, you can suggest free Ubersuggest features for exploring your keyword research ideas, SEO audit data, keyword difficulty analysis, and also analyzing the competition.

The fact is that Search Engine Optimization is relatively straightforward once you recognize the fundamentals. And by basic, I suggest that it is quite necessary:

Discover search phrases.

  • Make use of those search phrases in your material.
  • Also, get even more sights.

Yes, there's more than accompanies it; however, if you understand the principle of SEO, everything else falls into place.

The most important fact is, Ubersuggest does not fix the problem of finding longtail search phrases and also inquiries. It also does not provide you the organic keywords difficulty rating for every keyword. But it does resemble it's most likely to make the process of finding longtail keyword phrases less complicated and also faster.

It still does some mashing with each other of expressions. However, the exceptional interface and the ability to filter search phrases make it much easier to discover valuable things.


Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere such an excellent FREE Google-Based Keyword suggestion tool for shown display related keywords or highly recommended tool for internet professionals. You should find useful keyword searches on Youtube, Bing, and Yahoo based and consider them essential data. Technically, Keywords Everywhere is still the most impressive free keyword research tool available online to provide keyword ideas data.

When you are using Keywords Everywhere, that act as a planner considering that you can input lots of keyword phrases as a baseline before it would pull up the outcomes. So, you can put various search phrases with similar styles to examine what individuals are looking for. I have always found up both of these extensions very helpful for new keyword ideas.

So you can capture people's interests effectively. The only drawback is that you require to have a Google account to utilize it. You can quickly get this extension that free installs on their browser (Google or Firefox).

All particular Keywords allow you to download a button for your keyword phrase listing in different Google search keyword maps. Whether you are using the tool in analyzing the competition, ConsoleConsole, Google Search, Majestic, or anyone of the websites or platforms it supports, you can download all provide data instantly and install a list of keyword phrases through Excel, CSV, or PDF formats.

Keywords Everywhere have provided a free version for many years, but the PRO plan costs only $10 for 10,000 credits (1 Credit = 1 Keyword)


SEMrush is a great digital marketing research tool that will improve digital marketing and offers a content marketing SaaS platform that establishes digital businesses to optimize their online visibility across valuable customers.

SEMRush is a complete SEO tool that lets you do keyword research, Marketing insight, topic research, SEO writing assistant (SWA), track keyword ranking, Lead Generation, Domain analysis, check backlinks, check competitor ranks, and the most important part is - complete SEO audit of your websites.

It focuses on conserving your time, money and revealing you the excellent possibilities to obtain advertising and marketing results that matter. There's no vanity metrics here; the only measurables are the ones that will make you money in the long.

The SEMrush function set is so detailed that it even includes a Pay Per Click Key phrase Tool and an Ad Contractor. The last help you discover imaginative ad concepts to make use of for layouts and develop responsive HTML ads for your Google ads Network campaigns. On the other hand, the Pay Per Click Keyword Device helps you collect keywords with several networks.

Otherwise, you can optimize it to polish your search phrases list through recommendations. Don't forget the New 2020 Lead Generation tools. To get ready to find out expected niche-related Leads to get a better result for your websites, the system's attribute set is so comprehensive that we can not fit all of the most effective tools below in this brief introduction to the product.


Answer The Public

Answer the Public is an intelligent, detailed search keyword tool that can show the question-related google suggested result and from Bing and Google and visualize them the answer in what could be called search cloud platform. Using Answer The Public to provide detailed search results and keyword-related questions makes sense to raise your ranking with organic search traffic to follow up this keyword research tool's suggestions and use your blog.

You Can Use Answer The Public for Free of the cost that can be a suitable tool for content marketers that can help you answer questions, and also they can provide data into Google's featured snippets authority. AnswerThePublic is fantastic when you have no detailed topic variant, in mind and all you have is a general keyword phrase. Use this device, and also, you'll go from no concepts to a hundred in just a few secs. Use this tool when you need material ideas.

You can additionally use this device if you're attempting to uncover even more niche keyword phrases to target, which might be simpler to place for because they are much less competitive. A great feature of this device is that you can click any one of the recommended concepts, and it will certainly open a brand-new home window with Google search engine results for that phrase.

You can also Use $99 a month for a pro version that can allow unlimited keyword searches.

Small SEO Tools

SmallSEOTool is a fantastic multi-purpose tool for newbies that can use search engine optimization platforms for experienced bloggers. SmallSEOTools are a tool that provides several SEO services that have Content analysis, SEO audit, Performance, free plagiarism checker, and many more. So, there are available more than 30 tools, but I'll discuss a few valuable pieces of information that can help you with SEO for ranking on Google and visibility.

Small SEO tools are free SEO related services that can offer a wide range of facilities they created only for millions of internet professionals. Thanks, Small SEO tools, for giving me these opportunities for using 100% free tools.

SmallSeoTools has the most accessible domain authority checker tool after the Moz SEO Tool. You can benefit from using SmallSeoTools to check so many SEO related inquiries that stay on one platform safe and secure. Also, SmallSeoTools can help you to generate organic traffic if your rankings comfortably on search engines.


BackLink Tools is among the essential edge and useful tools to see how many backlinks your website has to ensure that you can intend as necessary if you demand a lot more. Blog writers always want to examine the ranking of their keyword phrases in search engines. Presenting, SmallSEOTool Key phrase Rank Mosaic aids you to see a performance in the SERPs.

SmallSeoTools is 100% free for the user.


Seed keywords are the best online keyword research gateway for finding valuable keywords for searching engine optimization works. Seed Keyword research is an SEO friendly practice of detecting the right potential visitors, analyzing, and using the phrases people use to search for information or create a scenario for using this knowledge to optimize your content marketing success.

The tool allows finding the exact keywords is so important in search engine optimization. It can help you discover the unique approach the phrases people use when looking for the information to understand the audience or optimize your website to appear in the search results for the right visitors coming through longtail keywords.

You are creating millions of seed keyword lists before starting the content writing with the correct information or input main/longtail keywords into your content. I think that will significantly improve the organization and SEO success of your websites. It will also make your SEO growth much easier when you sit down to start writing.

You can use FREE seed Keywords Scenario Right Now.


SimilarWeb is the best competitive global market intelligence company that can provide data analytics on the web to measure the digital world. SimilarWeb is the most extensive online panel consisting of 150,000s of businesses worldwide for online intelligence.

SimilarWeb helps to create an industry analysis tool to develop marketplace business health, track marketing opportunities, monitor website traffic sources, and fulfill all your business requirements like a complete solution.

The research and consultancy department uses world no one global brands like Google, Walmart, eBay to discover, decide Skyscanner, United Airlines, Airbnb, or Adidas service digital agency. SimilarWeb PRO is also beneficial for large companies to see in-depth data insights for mobile and desktop traffic, affiliate, search, and social referrals or research within paid and organic sources, and these tools are also beneficial for large companies.

SimilarWeb offers this powerful and useful tool with a free basic plan that you can use to try out different places like the web and apps industry. The free version also provides visual charts and graphs for KPIs.


KWFinder is one of the reliable and useful keyword research tools that can show different keyword ideas. I'm regularly using these primary terms of search engine optimization and keyword research solutions. KWFinder also provides the easiest to optimized content, whether you can dive in-depth into blog posts, product pages, or meta descriptions through certain features.


KWFinder explained how the tool has helped to find out for longtail keywords and how you can ​use KWFinder ​to help you in the search engine ranking factor, determine the keyword competition, or help you to rank higher on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

KWFinder is a world top-rated digital marketing tool that can be established signal to search engines what website purpose is and what types of content is about, also high chances of ranking guarantee on the Google first page using these keyword difficulties in your blog. 

There were multiple types of tools have available in KWFinder, and that name is called Mangools.  KWFinder shows the keyword metrics that will provide you a long list. But you need to find out easily KD, DA, PA, Keyword Search Volume or track how your domains rank for keywords that you input.


There were multiple pricing options available for KWFinder, But YOU CAN GET A FREE 10 PAY PRO TRIAL FOR EVERY VALUABLE CUSTOMER.


Rank Math (WordPress Plugin)

Inside this continually evolving world where we all live, and automation is simply the key to achievement. Machines may do things humans could never do or want to do, but artificial intelligence can do these processes. Success is knowing the only formula to an equation, like a math problem solved using a calculator.

Buying guide reviewing the world's most extensive SEO WordPress plugin is called Rank Math. You need to boost your organic traffic fast; install this amazing SEO plugin, and they can show top-quality features for rank on the first page of multiple search engines like Google, Bing, Microsoft, Yahoo, or Yandex.

SEO can be confusing to many because computers use it. Software that simplifies the procedure knows what search engines want and gives them exactly visually on your laptop. When search engines change their algorithm, it's best to know to prepare yourself for it. Bing, Microsoft, or Yahoo seem to have the steadiest regulations of getting traffic right now.                                                

Increasing your positions is simple when you have proven software doing the grunt work. People today tend to believe it does all of the jobs, but this is untrue. You will need to put up things first for it to begin working for you. I honestly think this is the quickest, recognized, and lucrative means to improve or gain positions in the major search engines. Reaching places is an ongoing process that takes time.

Some individuals have seen sites crawled and indexed in a matter of hours, but this is temporary. It would be best if you improved your position because numerous competitor sites continuously update their websites, and in that situation, Google Robot kicks your site. So, you need to monitor daily and update your SEO Rating through Rank Math Plugin. With proven applications, it is possible to jump facing tens of millions of competing sites that manually maximize their sites to boost their presence online.  


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