SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh

SEO Expert and SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh
SEO Expert and SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh

Freelancingit is one of the best SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh since 2008. Our outstanding skill and real-life experience make us the top SEO and digital Marketing Company over the world. In the meanwhile successfully done 1200+ SEO and 3700+ Web design & development local and international platform all over the world. freelancing it is maintaining a high-skill professional SEO team set who will help you grow your online business to reach the next level.

Only expert SEO professional understand your online business and give you the better solution what to do for better result for your upcoming website. We all of know it’s very tough to sustain in this competitive world, so you have to be more  smarter if you want to existing with your competitor arena! You need the select the best SEO Service Company in Narail Bangladesh who can take care of your website with your competitor and give you the outstanding result shortly. We have vast and good experience with clients proof that freelancingit is the best SEO Service Provider Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. So don’t be late to get the country famous SEO company for your online business success


So You need SEO services for your website then We will help you to rank your website SERP


If you need web design and development, We will help you to create any kind of website!


I will help you get more organic traffic within a short time use white hat method!


We will help you to increase your social media account by organic & paid!


You need PPC Ads then our team will help you manage your ads campaign ROI!

LOCAL SEO Service Provider

If you want to start your business locally then we can help you to do it better!


Can help you promote your youtube channel and increase views, likes, subscribers!


We provide international SEO services worldwide. Increase your business globally!

SEO Service Provider Company

We follow the latest Google guideline and our skilled team  apply those technique for your company website which is very much ethical and  White Hat SEO method!

During SEO we must provide you the SEO audit with which is lacking on your existing website and fix up entire things nicely which is very much important. We also improve your website keyword optimization, image optimization, content optimization, proper navigation for user and search engine as well.


So Our dedicated team always providing the better and unique SEO solutions  for your company website rank and sustain in the long run.  SEO is a step by step process to follow the latest search engine guidelines and it will me more meaningful to rank your website on top listed Search Engine Result Page(SERP)!

Why Choose Us?

It’s a most important decision before hire an SEO company. So why you should choose us for your business?

  • Organic SEO Process, Ranking & Traffic
  • Professional SEO Expert Team
  • Affordable Prices
  • 24/7 Communication Support
  • Continue Reporting
  •  Free Consultancy

Rank No #1 on Google

Rank No #1 on Google
Rank No #1 on Google

Every one want to see his site will be first position on Google search! freelancingit one of the SEO Expert in Bangladesh who can ensure the top position. We helps our clients to rank on Google locally and internationally.

So industry has a competitor. By the same way, your website has competitor and you have to fight with them. But how? freelancingit BD SEO expert team will help you rank your website higher on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

When your website starting ranking your website will getting organic traffic.

We optimize your website for the search engine for higher ranking. Give your website us to boost your ranking.

We Can Double Or Triple Your Website Traffic!

So use the skyrocket strategy to quickly grow your organic traffic. We assign  a dedicated expert to double or triple your website rapidly. Our SEO expert team will audit your website, fix all errors, optimize everything and use the all resource technique for your website.

Everyone spend a hundred to thousand dollar to get website traffic! 

But freelancingit SEO BD will help you to receive organic quality traffic by SERP. You don’t have to pay every single day to get website traffic. Our website traffic growth technique will help you to build website traffic continuously.

A Brief History of SEO

So We know 8/10 years ago SEO was easy and easy to rank a website within very short time, but now a days Google concentrate lots of things which is very much improtant to rank a website!. Search engine/Robots wasn’t too smart. When people start searching on the internet to find information search engine demand are growing day by day.


When people trust on internet and finding the relevant information then search engine focus on SEO they start updating their algorithm frequently. But if we talk about previous SEO you don’t need to concentration about content, CTR, mobile friendly, quality backlinks etc. When you just write an article and use your keywords couple of time your website ranked quickly.

But now in business world, people are selling their product, service online. There are too many competition. If you search to something you will find thousand plus result who already published on search engine. In this situation, If you write an article or start your online business why search engine rank your website because already lot of information available on the internet. So what you actually need to rank for your website? You need proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which called white hat SEO.

If you doing 2010-2020 SEO technique?

 So you will search engine penalty. Your website never rank on Google Yahoo or Bing. You loss your money and time too.

Search engine algorithm are changing frequently you need an SEO professional or SEO service agency who are well skill in SEO industry like us. freelancingit SEO B are providing SEO service since 2008. In Bangladesh, Our clients says”freelancingit is the best SEO service provider company in Bangladesh“.

SEO isn’t a magic. If you optimize your website thoroughly you could succeed online. freelancingit is local base Bangladeshi SEO service agency who are SEO professional in SEO industry. If you are ready to rank your website and get organic traffic contact with us!

How We Work? Process By SEO Service Provider LTD

5 Step SEO Processes for Higher Ranking

Budget Fixing & Free Consultancy

So Every marketer has their own budget. First, we discuss with you about your marketing spending budget how much would like to spend for SEO or marketing? We optimize and do marketing with your budget.

If you have small budget don’t worry contact us right now!

After fixing the budget then we will do free SEO consultancy with you about your project what you want, what should you do or don’t. It’s will help us to understand what will we do and what will you get.

Website Audit & Reporting

Now we audit your entire website. Before we start doing SEO our expert team audit your full website and make a report what will we do with your website.

If you have some errors our team will send a report for fixing.

SEO is a process so first it’s important to audit your website. Then we understand everything about your website what to do now or not to do. After finishing the audit we discuss with you one more time about auditing.

On-Page SEO Optimization by SEO Service Provider Company

SEO Service Provider Company
SEO Service Provider Company

Now our SEO expert team will start on-page SEO on your website. Use all SEO techniques to get higher ranking and more traffic.

So Before start backlinking, your website need to fix on-page optimization. So we fully concentrate your website using on-page optimization. Here most of people make mistakes. Then the result is zero.

Your website never rank on search engine if your website, not ready on-page SEO!

Building Backlinks

So Backlinks is one of the most importnat ranking factor for higher ranking. If you build quality backlinks your keywords will rank quickly.

Now we will start creating quality backlinks to rank on search engine. We will find the backlinks and build on your website.

freelancingit SEO  is the king of build quality backlinks!

Use Best Practice

SEO doesn’t sit on on-page or off-page SEO. It’s only the process for ranking. Sometime search engine will change their algorithm then your website may rank fault.

Or sometime we re-optimize your website like upgrade old content, reduce bounce rate, mobile friendly optimization, duplicate content correction etc.

SEO take time to rank on Google or any other search engine. We use the best practice again and again.

Then the final result is no #1 ranked!

i Am Saddam Hossen. Thank you for visiting my website. I am an SEO expert in Bangladesh, who also provides Training in SEO as well as consultancy services to businesses. I have expertise in all areas of SEO, including advanced SEO services, but I consider myself more of a Local SEO specialist. During my professional lifespan I’ve worked with numerous centers for SEO Training in Bangladesh, like BITM, BCC, TechnoBD and PencilBox Training. Now I am among the top most SEO specialists in Bangladesh, according to Google.

I welcome you to look around my website and get in touch with me if you feel my services could add value to your business and its online presence. Please feel free to download and peruse my Curriculum Vitae by clicking the button below. Best SEO Service Provider Company


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